current project

total words: 9,198


current work

Time for bed and I will remember to post the total before I snooze:  8,729 words

I’ve given the reader enough breathing time, now for another roller coaster drop. LOL

current project

I forgot to post my word count last night before I went to bed, so I’m posting it now before I start working: 7,879 words 🙂

current project

space epic: 6,954 words. 

It’s snowing her in Tacoma, making the house feel cold.  brrrrr

current project

Space epic (still needs title):  6,527 words. 

current project

Ok, my muse wasn’t interested in working on another wizard/familiar story, but gave me this exciting space epic story instead.  Sigh. There is a reason I compare my muse to a cat – it does what it darn well pleases and I’m just the staff. 

The new story springs from a short story I wrote a long time ago and even entered into the Fairwood Writer’s Workshop at Norwescon this year.  raishaan recently took the world I described in that short story and wrote a song from it.  BUT, he wrote about a ship’s captain who on routine patrol finds an armada trying to sneak across the border into human controlled territory.  I liked the song so much I wrote the battle scene the song describes.  Then my muse took off from there. 

The story has expanded from approx 2,000 words to now (two 1st person stories woven together) 4,592 words after one day of writing.  The pace of this is so fast it’s scaring me.  I’m crossing my fingers that I can keep up with this thing. 

The battle scene inspired from his story is only 844 words and just to let you guys know what I’m trying to keep up with, I’ve posted it below:


Capt. Jacobson’s battle

Very Useful Info

The above link isn’t where I first found out I needed to move my writing to it’s own blog, it’s just the latest.  It does feel good to get reassurance you’re doing the right write thing!