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Ok, my muse wasn’t interested in working on another wizard/familiar story, but gave me this exciting space epic story instead.  Sigh. There is a reason I compare my muse to a cat – it does what it darn well pleases and I’m just the staff. 

The new story springs from a short story I wrote a long time ago and even entered into the Fairwood Writer’s Workshop at Norwescon this year.  raishaan recently took the world I described in that short story and wrote a song from it.  BUT, he wrote about a ship’s captain who on routine patrol finds an armada trying to sneak across the border into human controlled territory.  I liked the song so much I wrote the battle scene the song describes.  Then my muse took off from there. 

The story has expanded from approx 2,000 words to now (two 1st person stories woven together) 4,592 words after one day of writing.  The pace of this is so fast it’s scaring me.  I’m crossing my fingers that I can keep up with this thing. 

The battle scene inspired from his story is only 844 words and just to let you guys know what I’m trying to keep up with, I’ve posted it below:


We came out of jump near the hot baby star. “Ship’s Log Patrol Mission 179, day one: Captain Jacobson speaking, we have arrived and will start our patrol at the usual coordinates.” My squad of five ships had done this patrol enough times to sleep walk through it. I was looking forward to a peaceful three months. This time, I was wrong. 

“Oh my God!” My navigator’s shout interrupted my thoughts.

I whipped around and before I could ask, he had brought up the display on my monitor. I saw at least fifty Weib ships crossing our border. Officially, our systems were in cool diplomatic relations; unofficially, the orders were to kill any Weib who crossed our borders without permission.

I hit the comm. button. “Shields on full! All ships! V formation! Fire!” My squad fired. We had worked together enough that our V blasted right through their armada. It hardly stopped them, but it did give them pause.

“Turn about and AGAIN!” I screamed and we did.

They fired back. I felt my ship shudder around me. I prayed under my breath to St. Elmo to save me. I heard chatter from all stations, but couldn’t make out any of it. “Damage report!” I demanded.

“Shields holding – 90%.” My crew barked in reply. “Minor Damage reported – mostly from loose items Sir!” I cursed under my breath. Goddamn crew knew better than to have anything unsecured during jump. Peace makes you stupid, I guess. “Sir! The Yoshi reports damage to forward decks 7 and 8.” The ensign turned to me. “They report they can still fight.” I smelled fear sweat from my crew. They knew the same things I did about our enemy. “The others only report minor damage.” 

“Then they should fight. We all should.”    I stood and shook my hand in the air in pure adrenaline rush. “Let ‘em have it!”

Again and again, we punched through the group, leaving their precise formations in shambles. Damage reports were screamed at me. Damage to the ships in my squad barely registered. We were all driven by the knowledge the Space Marines drilled into each and every one of us – the Weib take no prisoners. If you’re lucky, you die in battle. If you’re not, you get digested in their insect stomachs.   They don’t usually bother killing you first, either.

“Two Weib ships trying to break away and run home!” The navigator shrieked angrily.   Another informed me, “The Weitterman and the Olhaye are wreckage.”

“Shit! We got too many of them and not enough of us to go after them!” I banged my fists on the armrests. I whipped around to the ensign on the starboard monitor. “How many left?” 

“Three sir.” She looked ready to cry. I ignored it for now, making a mental note to send her to the Chaplin if we survived. “The Yoshi is engaged with them.”

I whipped around to the ensign on the port monitor. “How many?”

“One sir, The Frederickson is engaged with it. They’ve taken heavy damage.” Her voice took on a note of awe. “I don’t think they’ll survive.”

“The enemy?” I barked. 

“They just exploded sir.” She turned to me, eyes wide as oranges. “The Frederickson went in the explosion.”

“Shields down to 6%” somebody said. The information barely registered in my consciousness. 

“Oh God Damn It All to HELL!” I turned back to front and told the navigator, “Turn starboard and take out those remaining three. Attack pattern zeta.”

“Can’t sir.” He said. “We’re all that’s left.”

A wave of hopelessness washed over me. No choice, we couldn’t let them live. I leaned forward and growled at him, “Then we attack. Closest ship first.” I sat back, resigned to my fate. “Fire at will.”

We turned. We fired. 

The closest Weib ship was one of their big troop transports. We took it out easy as a walk in the park. It had already taken heavy damage; being in the middle of the formation as they crossed our borders it was one of the first we hit. 

The second Weib ship turned and hit us – hard. “Heavy damage decks one to four. We’re open to space!” He turned his panicked face to me as if I was his savior.

“Easy, lieutenant.” I soothed. “We’re fine here on bridge.”

Our guns damaged the second ship’s engines. Dead in space it was an easy target. “Save it for later! Help the Yoshi!” I stood again, too much damn adrenaline. I couldn’t sit still.

“Too late!” The starboard ensign cried. I saw the tears streaming down her face as she reported. “It rammed into the other ship and both are now…nothing left but wreckage sir.” I heard her sob, but goddamn it I didn’t have time to help her.

“Port side clear sir!” My port ensign spoke up clearly; maybe to show me most of my crew was made of sterner stuff.

“Good.” I rubbed my hands together in gleeful anticipation. “Now we have some sitting duck, with relish.”

“Yes sir!” My navigator answered with feral teeth.



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