got some work done today

Melanie’s story is up to 2,027 words. (shrug) Some progress anyway.


current status

Ok, I am working on the second book in my Familiar Trouble world: Melanie Learns is now at 1,186.  This time it’s going a little slower, I’m working on Melanie’s personality, she’s a bit more complicated than Mathew.

I have set aside the space epic story.  It was winding me up, making me edgy and irritable.  I didn’t like snapping at the people I live with.  Also, I didn’t like where it was headed, so I think it’s best to set it aside for right now.  It’ll sit there patiently waiting should I ever pick it up again.

My first book in the Familiar Trouble world: Mathew’s Dilemma has been sent to a published author I know, (she is so wonderful I can’t stop thinking how incredibly awesome she is for doing this for me) who e-mailed me back confirming that she got it ok, has read the first 12 pages and told me she likes it. so far.  (happy dance) Next, when she gets back to me when she’s finished reading and sends me her opinion, I will tweak the story and start sending to agents.  I have one in mind that I want to work with, they’ll be the first I send. (crosses fingers) 

Today’s Stuff

Cat Haiku

I have my hands full
My cat wants in now, MEOW
the cat doesn’t care

Re-started the sequal to Mathew’s Delimma.  Just deleted what I had and started from word one.  I expect it to be better now.   

New title: Melanie Learns now at 1,467

current project

Ok, as many of you know, I’ve been checking out the books in the 808 section of my local library, trying to improve my writing skills.  The current book I’m reading, Between the Lines, by Jessica Page Morrell, has gotten my mind running at full tilt.  I’ve been going back through my story and adding details to scenes, clarifying my time line so the reader has a better handle on what time of day things happen.  That sort of thing.  So not really any new writing, per se, but I’m adding words to Mathew’s Dilemma instead.

Current word count: 59,696.

EDIT:  8:41pm I felt so guilty about not doing any new writing, I made myself write a few words before I stopped for the night.



writing exercise

Today’s writing exercise.  Not very long today.  My goal is to write something every day. 

A cat. Gray spotted fur. Grooming tongue.  Watching the sleek animal intensely, I smile.  She looks up at me, as if she heard my smile.  Perhaps she did.  She bends back down and cleans a back paw, then the other.  I watch, entranced.  She possesses much grace, for such a small animal.  The sunlight comes from behind a cloud and lights her fur with gold.  It blinds me and I raise my hand to block.  She looks at me again, hearing my movement.  “Mrrr?” she gives looking at me.  I mew back at her in reply.  She returns to grooming.

 The cat tower is old beige that is pretty in the sunlight.  I sit up to get the sun out of my eyes, but there is no need.  A cloud has muted the sun.  I know I should be doing something else.  The list rushes across my mind: laundry, dishes, paying bills.  I let them go.  The cat is soothing.  I like watching her.  Irresponsible. 

Finished grooming, she stands and leans forward, putting her tickle nose near mine.  I lean forward and we kiss ever so gently.  She loves me. I love her.  I take care of her.  She relaxes me.  Makes me feel better. 

She thinks she is a god. 

Ok, I’m done adding

Ok, I’ve added everything I can add without breaking the story arc in Mathew’s Dilemma.  It now sits at 59,341. Sigh. Maybe in the further editing I can get it to that "magic 60,000" word mark. Maybe not.  I still feel its a good story, so I’ll start sending it out.  Just as soon as I get the last bit of editing done.

Is the “Elements of Style” as important as we’ve been told?

April 16 is the 50th anniversary of the publication of a little book that is loved and admired throughout American academe. Celebrations, readings, and toasts are being held, and a commemorative edition has been released.

Geoffrey K. Pullman won’t be celebrating.  His opinion is the Strunk and White book is wrong more than it’s right.  He cites examples in the text where the authors break their own rules. 

So why does everyone say I need to read this book again?