Pointless Tweets for Today

  • 23:51 @dinajames Hey, just posted go look already! 😀 #
  • 07:56 Ahhh, there’s nothing like that first hit of coffee in the morning 🙂 #
  • 08:20 is there a reason twitter won’t let me save this search function for queryfail? Is it locked or is twitter just having issues? #
  • 10:19 Ok, I should write, since I am sitting at the computer #
  • 13:20 #wordathon added 95 words today new total is 14,083 #
  • 15:32 writers angst – still at 95 words today. 😥 #
  • 15:43 hot buttered popcorn works almost as well as chocolate w/ fewer calories! #
  • 16:29 boyfriends child thinks there are 58 states *headdesk* #
  • 16:30 and he thinks the 13 colonies fought for land and freedom (brain go tilt) #
  • 16:53 he had to be shown how to use my kids encyclopedia on my shelf & he’s in 7th grade (twitch) #

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