I wonder what changes this will bring…

‘PW’ For Sale :

Reed Business Information is putting Publishers Weekly and its affiliated publications, Library Journal and School Library Journal, up for sale.


Didn’t make it to library…wrote instead (shrug)

Well, taking a  break and working on something else was good for me.  Melanie Learns is now at 27,597. Yippie!

summer heat with a vengeance

The weather guy said that Washington’s Puget Sound has never been this hot in recorded history.  I believe it.  The thermometer on my garage read 100 degrees last time I looked.  Gawd, it’s hot here.  The air conditioner in my bedroom has been running since 8ish this morning, and the bedroom is only 79, the living room is over 80 and the kitchen is pushing 90. That’s with fans running by the way. As soon as I finish some housework, I’m running off and hiding in the library.  I won’t get work done, remember my laptop is broke, but at least I won’t melt. 

Well, at least I wasn’t LAZY

After typing, looking at it then deleting, (lather rinse repeat) on my WIP "Melanie’s choice" I gave up.  It’s still around 26,590 words. Sigh.

But wait!  found one of my short stories from about a year ago, and asked me to re-write it, just for him "Pretty please?"  So I thought I might as well, I wasn’t actually accomplishing anything anyway.  I enjoyed the work.  I tore it apart into little tiny pieces and put it back together, adding in clearer explanations and the main character’s motivation, which my year-ago newbie self had missed back then.  Somehow in this process it went from 800 to 1100 words too. (shrug)

It’s much better now, but the only thing that’s really the same is the concept.  They are now two completely different stories.  I am content.  If any of you read "The Cat’s Confession" way back when and want to see how I remade it, better, faster, smarter, comment below and I can e-mail you "The Cat’s Apology" for your enjoyment.


Yesterday, I went to the University bookstore in Seattle to the book signing event for  ‘s book "Green."  I saw  and met a few new people too.  Enjoyed myself, but couldn’t stay very long.  I bought it and (of course) got him to sign it.   I’ve been reading it since.

So far, I’m half way done, but I can tell you it’s quite the engrossing tale.  You want to read this, you really do.  Assuming life doesn’t interfere, I plan on doing a proper review later.  But no promises. 🙂

If you want to get your hands on a copy yourself, I helpfully looked it up on Amazon for you. You can always go to the closest bookstore and ask for it, as well.  No wait time for shipping that way. 

Oh happy Day! I got a critique today!

Someone I admire and respect asked to see my WIP and sent me feedback. (happy dance) She warned me she "…tore up your first six pages. TORE THEM UP!" but looking at her explanations why, I have to agree with every one.  I actually laughed because I found it funny that I have such LARGE HUGE OMG blind spots.  For example, you’d think I’d notice that almost every sentence has an -ing word.  Duh 

She did tell me that she wouldn’t have wasted her time if she didn’t think I had talent.  So there’s a sop to my poor ego.  No worries though, I divorced my ego from my writing a long time ago, out of preservation. LOL

This is why one of my favorite sayings is:
"Blessed are those that can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused."  😀

A sunshinny day in the upper 80s!

And I’m hiding in the house where the air conditioning works just fine.  Yup, I’ve lived in the Puget Sound too long, I don’t like heat any more.  I’ll make myself go out later, after I get some writing done.  The work must come first, y’know. (giggle)

I noticed I hadn’t posted a work count in a while, so for those of you who want to know, Melanie’s story is now at 26,056 words. Over one third, but less than half done. I want to get this finished by September, and I’m using the end of September just to go easy on myself. 😉