Well, at least I wasn’t LAZY

After typing, looking at it then deleting, (lather rinse repeat) on my WIP "Melanie’s choice" I gave up.  It’s still around 26,590 words. Sigh.

But wait!  found one of my short stories from about a year ago, and asked me to re-write it, just for him "Pretty please?"  So I thought I might as well, I wasn’t actually accomplishing anything anyway.  I enjoyed the work.  I tore it apart into little tiny pieces and put it back together, adding in clearer explanations and the main character’s motivation, which my year-ago newbie self had missed back then.  Somehow in this process it went from 800 to 1100 words too. (shrug)

It’s much better now, but the only thing that’s really the same is the concept.  They are now two completely different stories.  I am content.  If any of you read "The Cat’s Confession" way back when and want to see how I remade it, better, faster, smarter, comment below and I can e-mail you "The Cat’s Apology" for your enjoyment.


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