OMG I won!

It might be terribly unprofessional, but I’ve been doing the Happy Dance for a few days now.  Ever since I learned that I was chosen to get a three chapter critique from

 .  I’ve e-mailed it of course, but I don’t know how long it will take.  I entered "Mathew’s Delimma" since it was complete, and if there were enough entries the prize was a full manuscript edit.  Alas, there were only three of us, so the prize was the first three chapters, but I’m still happy.  Yes, very happy that my introduction was the most interesting to an editor.  That’s what I need to do to get published, get their interest, right?  (Yippie!)

I’ll post when I get my feedback, but I might not post everything I get.  I expect to get a lot of ripping and tearing, since this *was* my first completed book.  I have to be better now, after writing another 28,000+ words.  I just have to be. 

I do need to find a "happy dance" icon though…


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