Google settlement

Publishers Weekly link here.

"William Morris Endeavor agency has issued a second letter reasserting its position [recommending to opt out] and detailing it further. In the newest letter, WME states that the Authors Guild, in defending the settlement (which it helped to iron out), fails to "adequately address" the issue that writers, by remaining in, "waive, again for the term of copyright, their right to have Google remove their work from its database if they haven’t done so within twenty-seven months from the Notice Commencement Date."

"Responding to this second letter from WME, Paul Aiken of the Authors Guild…’The settlement,’ Aiken continued, ‘opens up new markets for out-of-print works at excellent royalty rates.  Authors aren’t locked in to those royalty rates, however: authors and agents are free to block all displays and bargain for better terms with Google or anyone else at any time.’"

Please, those of you who are published, don’t ignore this issue.  What goes down will effect writers like me when we do get published. 


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