Outer Alliance Pride Day Today

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"[O}n Tuesday September 1st, 2009 we’re asking our members to post our mission statement on their blogs/sites, which reads*:

 As a member of the Outer Alliance, I advocate for queer speculative fiction and those who create, publish and support it, whatever their sexual orientation and gender identity.  I make sure this is reflected in my actions and my work."

As a gesture of loving respect to those that are GLBT, below is my attempt at queer fiction. 


She loved her, despite how unreasonable she was. 
“Why don’t you just agree with me?” Marty asked and shook her head in disbelief, her raven hair waving ever so slightly in it’s pixy cut. Her hand was on the front door knob, ready to turn it and leave.  
“Because I don’t want to go and you aren’t listening.” Jennifer replied with a sigh. She knew down to her red painted toenails that peeked out from her jeans that Marty wasn’t going to accept that, she might as well save her breath. But she said it anyway. 
“I want to go to the movies with you tonight.” Marty said, and ordered, “Go put your shoes on so we can go.”
Comfortable, sprawled out on their green couch, remote in her left hand, Jennifer ignored the order, and changed the TV channel. 
Marty walked the four steps into the living room in a huff and stood in front of the screen. “We haven’t been out since last weekend and that new Johnny Depp movie just came out Thursday. I want to go!” Jennifer saw her stamp her left foot like a six year old. It was hard not to laugh at the pushing thirty woman acting so childish.
“And why should I take you?” Jennifer asked with a giggle.  
“Because I want you to!” Marty said and crossed her hands under her ample breasts. Jennifer swore she saw that bottom lip hang out in a pout. 
She sat there and admired her partner’s form: that cute haircut she just got yesterday, the full pouting lips, the lovely breasts pushed up to tease, the rounded hips and manicured toenails peeking out from her open toed sandals. 
“Well?” Marty demanded, and bounced up and down, making those delicious breasts jiggle.
Jennifer was lost and she knew it. They both knew she’d do anything for the woman attached to those, especially since she happened to love that person. She caved, and slowly stood. She looked Marty in the eyes and said, “Fine, I’ll go. Just for you. Let me get my shoes.”
Marty’s nose wrinkled and her eyes lit with surprise. Jennifer wondered why, Marty usually got what she wanted when she wheedled. Today wasn’t unusual. 
“You gave in.”
Jennifer stopped mid-way to the bedroom and asked, “So? It’s what you wanted wasn’t it?”
“Well yeah,” Marty said and sat down on the couch. “But you always give in.” she said with a different kind of pout.
Jennifer turned to face her and leaned against the white apartment wall, confused. She asked, “Isn’t that what you like?”
“Yeah, but my counselor told me I shouldn’t get my way all the time with you, that’s it not a healthy relationship.”
Jennifer swore silently, “Damn counselor.” While she liked some things about Marty after she’d talked them out with her counselor, things like this seemed to crop up too. “So I shouldn’t do what you like now?” she asked out loud.
“Well, I don’t think she meant never again…” Marty trailed off in obvious confusion at the faulty logic.
“Uh haw.” Jennifer said, disgusted. 
Eyes flashed in anger. “Don’t go all sanctimonious on me, just because you don’t like therapy.” she snapped.
“Just because it’s not for me doesn’t mean I don’t like it.” Jennifer snapped back.
pouted again, looking like a hurt six year old now, and said, “It’s been good for me.”
“Yes it has.” Jennifer left the wall and came over to sit next to her on the crumb covered couch. She put her arm around her and cooed, “It’s really made a difference for the better. I like that.”
Marty leaned into her, and they began rocking back and forth. “I love you.” she said into her chest.
“I love you too.”
A moment of comfortable snuggling and rocking ensued, which became a minute, then five minutes, then ten. The TV kept it’s inane babble going, even though no one was listening. 
“I think we missed the show I wanted to see, even if we left now.” Marty said.
“Oh.” Jennifer said, “Disappointed?”
“No, not at all.” Marty answered, “I like snuggling with you. Maybe always getting my own way isn’t as great as I think it is.”
Jennifer had the sense not to argue. 


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