Pointless Tweets for Today

  • 09:49 Went through light edit of that short story before sending it to beta reader. Nothing new on WIP, but I’m not slacking really 🙂 #wordathon #
  • 13:04 Thanx for laugh RT @jay_lake: Note to self:you are 45 years old. “Don’t touch it when it comes out of the frying pan” is *not* news.Ow. #fb #
  • 13:09 @jay_lake FRIEND in olive oil? You sir, have some interesting parties… can I come? LOL #
  • 13:11 hunnybun & I came up w/ new adult beveage: Black Cherry soda, vanilla ice cream and tangqueray.Best nameso far: Afternoon delight 😀 #
  • 19:17 #wordathon ending wordcount WIP=42,853-42,401 452 words added, plus short story edited 14 pages Very Good for me! #
  • 19:21 “Five Myths about Health Care” Washington Post article. bit.ly/o6rEh #
  • 20:02 @johannaharness Hey, I already posted my #wordathon counts. Don’t point that pencil at me! #

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