Pointless Tweets for Today

  • 09:15 Hunnybun now has Mondays off & is making breakfast. Something sexy re: a man who cooks for you. đŸ˜€ #
  • 09:15 Coffee in system, I should write while waiting for my breakfast, really I should. #
  • 10:18 I’m up to the big climax in my story & I’m getting nervous re: writing it. It’s gotta be good! #
  • 10:45 But what if I’m crazy regardless? RT @dinajames: How to stop making yourself crazy with self-editing bit.ly/2ZbTPt #
  • 10:46 Thought for today: “Competency is a state of mind you reach when you’ve made enough mistakes that your brain can now move on. ” #
  • 10:50 Wrote the scene. It’s not good enough, but it’s just good enough to go forward & finish the damn story. WIP=43,198 #
  • 11:42 @uppington If it had to be good in the first draft, I’d never get done. #
  • 11:51 From Ms. Brozek’s journal “Writer’s Advice: Deadlines and Due Dates are not “suggestions”” bit.ly/10Cip7 #
  • 16:21 *CRINGE* RT @lilithsaintcrow: An Internet Meme Is Born: WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? bit.ly/4u4p2R #
  • 16:22 Share ! Share ! RT @jodimeadows: I just snortgiggled at something in a manuscript and woke up the cat. #
  • 19:22 Major Congrats! RT @uppington: we are officially done with the current draft of Swimming North. #

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