Pointless Tweets for Today

  • 08:18 Hello groggy monday. Kids gone on buses & coffee in me-time to write #
  • 08:21 #firstlinemonday At the end of a nice dinner, with good conversation on the side, my boyfriend took something out of his pocket. #
  • 09:21 RT @ColleenLindsay: Why you must put your contact info on every page of your manuscript bit.ly/1Jqih3 #
  • 11:29 editing, editing. I’m enjoying this so much, I wonder if I should leave this poor short story alone. #
  • 23:12 RT @ColleenLindsay: @anaquana Um, you should say no to exclusives. They don’t help you at all, and can potentially harm you. #askagent #
  • 23:27 took kids to state fair today. Feet hurt & I’m tired. Our fair here has “dizzypasses” pay $25 & ride any ride all day.(cont) #
  • 23:27 Kids estimated they rode on 24+ rides, some multiple times, I didn’t know they had that many, but we got our money’s worth 😀 #
  • 23:30 I edited *again* the short story I’m obsessed with-Zippo on WIP, but there’s always tomorrow. So much for goal to be finished by the 30th 😦 #
  • 23:30 And with that, I’m putting my tired self to bed. Night-y Night #

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