Pointless Tweets for Today

  • 08:22 Murderati blog post that scared me this morning bit.ly/1TXycS If libraries go, what’s the next step? #
  • 08:25 coffee in system. Time to open word. #
  • 08:25 RT @Ginger_Clark: Authors: please don’t call the office to pitch me your book. Send me an email or a letter. Don’t call. #pubtip #
  • 08:44 thought provoking blog post on positive/negative space from murderati bit.ly/2YoEKG #
  • 08:44 Sigh! I’m gonna have to use write or die this am… #
  • 09:33 I wrote 1009 words in 40 minutes with Write or Die! lab.drwicked.com/writeordie.html #
  • 09:34 I told the housework “screw you” & just sat down to write. WIP=51,022 #
  • 09:35 Somehow I don’t feel guilty after all. #
  • 11:38 ok laundry is caught up, mostly anyway, & I feel pretty good about my 1000 words today. Should I try for more? Can’t outrun the plot y’know. #
  • 11:39 I’ve found that I think about my story 100x more than I write it. Hunnybun says I do my 1st draft in my head. #
  • 11:40 RT @scholastic: The first 5 people to RT this link bit.ly/AoeCt @scholastic will win an I SPY Riddle Race iPhone app! #
  • 19:37 But look at what I did today! RT @dinajames: @slweippert *HUG* There. Ya happy? Shut your whining and get back to work! #gunnyjames #
  • 20:40 RT @jimsissy: @johannaharness I think the writers are slacking off. Time for a WEEKDAY #WORDATHON Wed 6AM to Fri 6PM- let’s get to work! #
  • 20:46 ZOMG nummy…RT @lilithsaintcrow: Disney Princes…in underwear. bit.ly/jgbsr #

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