Kinda floaty now

The happy dancing is done and I’m feeling kinda floaty right now, my long slog to finish my second story is done and I’m not sure what to work on next.  I don’t want to dive into editing just yet. I want to give it some time to ‘jell’ so I can look at it with fresh eyes. 

See! I do listen to good advice. Well, regarding my writing anyway. lol

wanted me to make a story out of the SterlingEditing writing exercise (link here) and I worked on that some. It’s gone from 200 words to almost 900. So I was good, I *did* write today. I don’t know if it will ever become a completed short story, however. I’m resting my brain right now, not pushing my muse, just basking in the glow of "I’m finished."  And it feels good.

Never fear my wonderful readers, I do have my next project planned, and I’ll be plotting for the next two weeks. Then starting November 1st, I’m in Kaznowrimo.  It’s Nanowrimo for wimps. 😀 The goal is to write 30,000 by November 31st. 

Y’know, I think my brain needs to rest now. There won’t be much next month.


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