A day of rest.

I have no plans to write today or tomorrow. I will be working on outline, since Sunday is November 1st. I’m not involved in NaNoWriMo, I don’t think I have a prayer in getting over 1000 words per day, but I want to start my next story with a goal of 30,000 by the end of November. Delusional? Me? Of course! But how else will I stretch over 300 words per day? Missing 1000 will mean I’ll "fail" at 750. 

Do I play mental games I with myself? Yes, they are quite fun too. 😀

Anyway, the next story is a YA Familiar Trouble story.  Heathcliff, a marmalade tom, will be called by 14 year old Matt, who finds out he has magical talent just like his grandmother. Oh boy will his parents be surprised.

Edited to correct writer error. (blush)


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