must Not PULL HAIR

Editoral Ass, a very useful blog on writing which is a must read if you want to write well, talked today about paring down a bloated manuscript.

QUOTE: "First, over-volume. Lots of people write too long–I think it’s about 6 times as common as writing too short–so you must not feel alone in this."

Well, I have the opposite problem. I can write a three plot interwoven story (I just did with Melanie Learns) that ends up just over 53,000 words long with no plot left unfinished.  So what the frack am I supposed to do now?

My particular problem isn’t addressed anywhere. I’ve looked and looked.  I wish I knew the e-mail for the person who writes Editoral Ass because I’d beg them on vitural hands and knees for them to tell me how to get my work up to industry expected 80-100,000 word level.  

Must not pull hair…


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