What’s up with me.

Ok, some of you may be wondering if I fell off the earth recently. The truth is actually more boring.

A cough took up residence in October and I just recently evicted it. Yeah, I was sick for a whole month to one degree or another. My parents were after me to go see a doctor, and when I did just to get them to stop, I was told it was likely a virus that I caught right as I was getting over a different nasty virus. Not a total waste though, the doctor gave me some nifty cough syrup that let me sleep without sitting up regularly for a coughing fit so bad I’d pee my pants. Not fun. Some writing got done, but not even up to my measly 300-500 word-per-day standard. I do have a short story Work-In-Progress I started, so I wasn’t a complete slacker, but still.

Since I was home most of the time, sleeping does that, my reading got voracious. Anything to distract me from my coughing was golden, but not leaving the house and not working so no money made new stuff hard to come by. Consequently, I found a free e-reader for my portabrain, more commonly known as a Palm Tungsten. Even better than that, Baen has this wonderful website where you can download their back-list FREE. Oh, happy dance.

Because Baen is so awesome and wonderful I now have lots of Honor Harrington books by David Weber. I’ve wanted to read the series since dear

told me about it. I’ve worked my way through the first seven books and now about half way through "Echos of Honor." It feels like my brain is absorbing them and that’s a good thing, since my writing can only improve by taking pointers from someone who’s published as many books as Mr. Weber has. 😀

So I’m still at this writing adventure, but not writing as much while I absorb the techniques of a successful writer. I promise I’ll be back to my writing, and the twitter & Livejournal updates will return to normal.


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