Pointless Tweets for Today

  • 16:10 Should I be concerned that I’m procrastinating working on the epic project that scares me by editing, which I hate? #
  • 16:12 Good post. Go read. RT @skyladawn: On Advice, at the blog. skyladawncameron.com/blog/onwritingadvice bit.ly/8DhSkr #
  • 16:12 Two short stories edited now… #
  • 16:17 @skyladawn Welcome! #
  • 16:18 Dammit, I need to get my plotline down or my muse is gonna hurt me. #
  • 16:34 RT @authorjjhebert: Winner of $20 B&N gift card & signed copy of Unconventional All you have to do is follow me on Twitter #FreeStuffFromJJ #
  • 18:52 Explaining to resident 14yr-old that if you put A in definitely, you are an A-hole. (evil grin) #
  • 18:56 Also discussing rule of “i before e except after c & w” You know, weigh, weird, Weippert… #
  • 18:56 Find more of these at The Oatmeal bit.ly/8MhwXT #

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