I’m changing the name of my blog…

and committing petty plagiarism at the same time. lol

Around January 25th, @jenniferbrozek on twitter asked what her followers thought of the phrase "Scribe iam primum" as latin for "First of all, write!"  I responded that I liked it so much I was stealing it.  😀

Since I haven’t received an objection from her as of yet, and doubt I will because she’s great like that, I am officially stealing it as the new name for my blog.

Why change it from Familiar Troubles? Well, I’ve moved away from those tales* recently because my muse is giving me other stories besides those from a familiar’s point of view. I do expect to get back to them, because I like them.  Writing from the point of view of an arrogant familiar is so much fun to never do again!

The other reason to change it, is a ‘get-to-work’ reminder.  If I ever want to have my name on a library shelf, I’ve got to write the damn stuff first.

Now, back to work!

* pun intended


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