Spine? Nah, I just don’t take it personal…

Elsewhere on the internet, someone remarked that I have the spine for writing. I was surprised, but thinking about it for a few days, I think I’ve figured out what they meant.

See, when someone goes through something I’ve written and gives me page after page of corrections, I thank them profusely. I don’t get upset. I don’t take it personally. My writing is not me. Even when one person told me to go back to the trenches and work on my writing, I didn’t mind. I knew then and still know that I gotta improve to get my name on the shelf.  Divorced from me, from my self worth, it doesn’t hurt.

My writing is an object, it has no feelings and it is not me.

DISCLAIMER: This is regarding helpful crits NOT the "this sucks" type. If someone ever told me that I suck and can’t write I’d want to punch their lights out. Not that I would, but I’d want to.  đź™‚


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