Working today…

Actually got some writing done today. It’s just a simple short story, one I’m pretty sure is just a long writing exercise. That means it’s not going anywhere special.

Anyway, just to prove I am a good girl and wrote today, I thought I put some of what I worked on today up for you guys. Enjoy!

“Breakfast. That’s what I want.” She pushed the bedroom door open and shuffled down the hall. “And coffee. God, do I need coffee.”

She yawned when she got to the steps. After a pause to finish, she put her hand firmly on the rail and started down. Several yawns later, she made it to the kitchen.

Roofus was pestering her for his breakfast. “Noooooow, now, nooow,” he said while walking around his metal dish like an ancient human in a rain dance.

“I’m coming. I’m coming Roofus. Geeze,” Marlie got out the bag of Friskies cat food and one can of store brand cat food from the yellow painted cupboard.

“Get out of the way,” she pushed the tabby to the side and picked up the dish.

More meows from Roofus and yawns from her as she scooped some cat food out of the bag and poured it in. Kitty paws caught the stray pieces that tried to escape. Semi solid food fell from the can with a slarp, then she gave it to the "starving" Roofus.

With the bowl back on the floor, the cat ignored his human. The demanding pest gone, Marlie went about making herself the strong gourmet coffee she required.

“Writer fuel,” she said with another yawn.  

Mr. Coffee gurgling and steaming, she set about a bowl of cereal. Out here, two hours from the nearest thing to a supermarket, the convenience store that catered to tourists didn’t count, she’d brought with her everything she’d need for two weeks without a grocery store. It was new to Marlie. As an adult, she’d only ever lived in a city with all night grocery stores, but thought she’d done well. Memories of her mom doing the monthly shopping turned out handy.

The window before her, she leaned her butt against the counter and held the bowl below her chin to eat her Rice Checks. Crunches echoed off the hard surfaces of the kitchen, alternating with Roofus’ own from floor level.

Wind moved the tall rhododendron bush in a heavy metal dance. The windchime whipped around in circles, its chimes rubbing against each other instead in striking.

“Damn storm,” Marlie thought, “No wonder it woke me up.”

She tilted the bowl to drink the last of the milk, and put the dishes in the sink. Her hand wiped the milk from her mouth as she walked through the arch to the dining room.

The laptop was closed on the heavy wooden table where she’d left it. The clouds had rolled in while she ate and gave the room an evening’s soft light. The low light softened the garish colors and made the worn wallpaper more tolerable. Marlie hated that wallpaper. If this room wasn’t right next to the kitchen, with easy access to the coffee, she’d shut it up and never enter. She wondered daily about the type of person who would put comic book clown wallpaper in a dining room.

She sat down and opened her netbook and waited for it to power up. The gurgles from a finished Mr. Coffee made her jump up and get her first cup of heaven today.



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