Norwescon so far

Having fun of course. đŸ˜€

Just got out of a good writing panel that  was entitled "Don’t say it, have the characters say it."  Afterwards, I came up to say hi and remind her I followed her on livejournal but not only did she remember me, she had some books she was giving out so I got her first book "The Sword" signed for free.  (SQUEEEEEEEE) I’ll read it soon I promise, and try to get a post about it done too. No promises however, my track record for book reviews is abysmal. Sorry.

Anyway, I am slogging through the second short story in my writers workshop round robin and this person really needed to be at her panel, because it’s 33 pages of info dump. Like I said, I’m slogging through, not reading it, y’know what I mean? The hardest part is trying to put this diplomatically enough so they won’t hate my guts. Last year I got through by saying "ditto" to what the pros said at the session and there’s a good chance I’ll do the same thing, because it’s such a glaring error only the author, like all of us, could miss it. Lots of times my beta readers have pointed out something and I do the forehead slap "Oh my GAWD! How could I have missed that?"

I hope to post later today, or at least tomorrow to let you know how my workshop session went, but now I’m off to catch  ‘s reading in ten minutes. 


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