Frustrating to Wait

Hi guys,

What’s up with me you wonder? I’m still learning this writing stuff, now with the help of the most awesome, wonderful, amazing, and *evil*  as mentor. For those of you who might not know what a writing mentor does, think basic training sargent with words. She takes my writing, makes it bleed profusely and THEN when she sends it back, her e-mail has comments that would make a neurotic writer cry.

Isn’t she wonderful?

The downside is that she has a life and her own writing to do, so can’t always get the crits back to me immediately. The waiting gets quite frustrating. I should work on other stories, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll write the same mistakes if I don’t get her feedback first.  Not sure what to do, her feedback is so valuable I don’t want to write more until I get it because my writing quality jumped up dramatically after she started helping me.

I love her to death and will never be able to pay her back fully for this. 😀


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