A Writer’s Day in Tweets

  • 18:35 @JASaare Oh my,I do believe it got warm in here. Naughty excerpt of Omega Mine on the blog (rated x people!) bit.ly/cwlLox #
  • 23:32 Just got home. Hunnybun took me out for dinner for my birthday a day early. Gwad, I love that man! #
  • 23:34 Tomorrow, I get oreo ice cream cake at parents & get to open presents.Is it odd I’m as excited for my birthday as my kid is about his? Naaw! #
  • 23:35 With that pleasant thought, I am off to bed. #

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Well, I did it.

I sent off a 586 word flash fiction of for submission to Flash Me Magazine. The deadline for the next issue is June 1st, so  I should hear back by the end of July at the latest. I don’t submit that often. I’m a bit chicken and it takes me working myself up to send something out, but I did it!

Wish me luck. πŸ™‚

P.S. For the curious, the most awesome [info]dina_james bloodied it for me on short notice and I did edits today. I think never, ever sending work out unless someone qualified has done a rip-n-tear on it is a good policy, don’t you?

A Writer’s Day in Tweets

  • 20:29 Is @dinajames around? I need to ask her something… #
  • 23:10 @dinajames e-mail sent. Thank you! Let me know what the tea bribe is. #dinaloveshertea #
  • 23:26 Yes please. RT @dinajames: @slweippert And what am I to do with this? The usual? #
  • 23:27 @dinajames If you want to convince me I’m delusional about how good it is, pls do. #
  • 23:30 Singing "@dinajames is awesome! @dinajames is awesome!" I go to bed πŸ˜€ #

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A Writer’s Day in Tweets

  • 09:36 I’ve been quiet because I’m still sick. Crap won’t leave, dammit. #

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Being sick has one advantage…

in that I can chip a few books off my TBR pile. In bed without enough energy to get up an shower leaves lots of time to read, and sleep. 😦
HOWEVER, I can now proudly say it is *less* than a meter high. Thank you.

The last book finished today is A Local Habitation by   which I started yesterday. My opinion, this is a good peanut book. (A peanut book, for those who don’t know, are those you can’t have just one of, y’know?) I liked this enough I’d put this above the first October Daye book Rosemary and Rue. It’s just that good. 

For those who use Amazon.
For those that prefer Barnes & Noble.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

writing exercise

I was good today and did a writing exercise.  I asked hunnybun for a random word and I’d do a writing exercise from it. His word turned into the title. Enjoy!




Hi there. πŸ™‚

Bet you’re wondering what I’m up to, since I haven’t posted for a day or two.  Sadly, not exciting stuff, but a sorta good development. At least I’m taking it that way.

Back in April, I entered a story in Norwescon’s Fairwood Writer’s Workshop and one professional who was assigned my story injured her back and had to cancel. She did read my story anyway and e-mail feedback, which Fairwood Writers gave to me. Her advice was very good and I thought about it and re-did my story from her suggestions. (It was all plot stuff. She said it didn’t need a line edit-Yippie!)

At the end of the print out, this very nice woman said that if I had questions, I could contact her, so after I finished the edits, I e-mailed a polite "thank you for your help. I redid it from your advice and do you have time to re-read my story?"

I expected her to say "Sorry, don’t have time now." She is a well established author, first published in 1990 and latest in 2009, so busy would be expected.


She said she’d like to read it again. (OMG!) So I sent it.  Now, my short dystopia story "Desperation" departed my computer for her e-mail box with cringes and hope. I’ll let you guys know if she likes it or bloodies it for its own good. πŸ˜€