Happy Mother’s Day

I have the best family ever.  Let me explain…

I talked to my hunnybun yesterday about what we were doing for Mother’s Day this year. I suggested, since we had both kids, we go to Old Country Buffet’s mother’s day breakfast and he said ok. 

This morning I woke up with all three of them in my room; my hunnybun holding a chocolate bar, his 15 year-old holding a bouquet of roses, and my 10 year-old holding a grande mocha. They chorused "Happy Mother’s Day!" and I felt so happy. They had snuck out this morning without waking me (don’t know how they did that), went to the store to buy the roses and chocolate, then stopped at the latte stand on the way back. 

They are the most awesome family ever!

After they gave me a chance to get dressed, we still went out for breakfast like we had planned. 😀 So, they told me what the plans were for the day, and still managed to surprise me.

Did I mention how great they are?


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