writing exercise taken from real life

 posted about an adventure with a squirrel one day on her way home and it was so amusing that someone said that it would inspire the song & story writers, and since I write stories, I just couldn’t resist. 🙂


 A long winter had passed and all of squirrels ran from tree branch to tree branch, brown bushy tails streaming behind. Spring was here and the females were lovely with their thick brown fur, bright round eyes, and sharp white teeth.

One male, who wasn’t the largest or the smallest squirrel born last year, had a small talent for springing from one branch to another at great distance. He used this skill to impress a female with bright eyes.

She sat near the trunk of the tree, her bushy tail wrapped around her front, the long, thick fur hiding most of her from sight, except her eyes, which our male had fallen into with no hope of salvation. He would give anything to have this fine creature as his mate, anything.

The wind blew; the branches swayed. Impossible jumps would only impress his love more. He leaped from a thick branch from the right onto her branch, and nailed the landing.

She gasped in amazement when he next jumped from a branch above her to a branch one below hers. Our hero preened, and climbed to her branch to touch noses with her.

She allowed a short touch, then put her head below her tail and chittered.

He had to impress her. She must be his mate. If what he has done so far did not win her, he must do something so impressive; she would come running to him!

He moved fast from branch to branch, higher and higher, until he was at the very top of the tree, he intended to land directly in front of her. She would surely choose him then.

The tip he clung to swayed far left to far right; the wind had strengthened. He watched the branch he aimed for, and when he thought he had made her wait long enough, he let go.

An even stronger gust came and blew on his body, arms and legs wide spread.  It pushed him harder than he had ever felt before. Branches let loose and joined him in flight. He watched his love as she disappeared into the branches. The wind had blown him out of the tree!

He panicked, paws flailing. The humans had a flat black strip under these trees, and big things ran on it! Squirrels had died on it. He squeaked in fear as one of the big human things barreled down at him.

Certain he would die, he twisted and squirmed, desperate for anything that might save him. A high-pitched scraping sound came from the big thing as it slowed, the scent of rubber wafting up. Limbs still flailing for anything to grab and save himself, he found his chest struck by a thin metal bar on the side of the human’s big thing. A human scream came from inside it. Through the clear front part, he caught a glimpse of a human female with hair the color of red fur and her mouth open.

ee h

He clung with all four limbs to the bar. He did not want to hit the big thing and die. The bar bent under his momentum, and he got a very good view of the red haired human as he hung upside down for a bare moment.

As the minivan stopped, it gave forward momentum to the antenna and it snapped back upright like a sapling. It sprang back so hard, all four paws slipped off the smooth metal and he felt terror as he flew backwards.

Twisting, he managed to face forward before he reached the trees. He moved faster than he had ever gone before and gulped. The trunk would kill him if he hit it this fast. When he got close to the tree, his paws reached out to catch a smaller branch with his claws.

He caught one briefly, it bent and slowed his flight enough before it was ripped from his grasp that the next one he could grab with two paws and give it more of his momentum. Another branch took more, so he was able to finally land on a wide branch and collapse onto his chest. The claws of all four paws sunk deep into the branch as he panted. Somehow he had survived!

His love, who must have watched all this, scampered pell-mell up to him. Cautious, she moved closer to him, one paw placed before the other with painstaking care, ready to run away.

He gave a weak chitter to let her know he was alive. Her eyes even wider than before, she touched noses, and this time, left her nose there a very long time.

Now, if you have difficulty believing this follow this link to read her post. LOL


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