Hi there. 🙂

Bet you’re wondering what I’m up to, since I haven’t posted for a day or two.  Sadly, not exciting stuff, but a sorta good development. At least I’m taking it that way.

Back in April, I entered a story in Norwescon’s Fairwood Writer’s Workshop and one professional who was assigned my story injured her back and had to cancel. She did read my story anyway and e-mail feedback, which Fairwood Writers gave to me. Her advice was very good and I thought about it and re-did my story from her suggestions. (It was all plot stuff. She said it didn’t need a line edit-Yippie!)

At the end of the print out, this very nice woman said that if I had questions, I could contact her, so after I finished the edits, I e-mailed a polite "thank you for your help. I redid it from your advice and do you have time to re-read my story?"

I expected her to say "Sorry, don’t have time now." She is a well established author, first published in 1990 and latest in 2009, so busy would be expected.


She said she’d like to read it again. (OMG!) So I sent it.  Now, my short dystopia story "Desperation" departed my computer for her e-mail box with cringes and hope. I’ll let you guys know if she likes it or bloodies it for its own good. 😀


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