writing exercise

I was good today and did a writing exercise.  I asked hunnybun for a random word and I’d do a writing exercise from it. His word turned into the title. Enjoy!


Sunlight felt good on Fluffball’s tortoise-shell fur. Her human’s front yard was in full sunlight at this time of day, and the grass was just the right warmth with cool ground underneath.

Fluffball stretched out her long flexible body to its full meter reach, her claws out in pleasure. It felt so good; she held it for a moment before curling back into her usual crescent pose to return to her nap.

An occasional breeze rustled the blueberry bushes behind her. Bees hummed a hello to each small white blossom they sported. Passing traffic was muted by the two meter high cedar fence, gray from weathering.

A perfect day, made even better since her human was gone at work and wouldn’t be back for hours. Fluffball had all afternoon to nap in the sunshine.

A tickle in the fur of her left front paw yanked her awake, but too late to prevent the painful bite that followed it.

“Yow!” she screamed and flew into the air. As she landed, all she saw was grass. She sat and started licking her paw, examining it for damage. It appeared all right, but what bit her?

Small movement of the blades of grass and she put her nose down to sniff. A dull red ant with large pincers waved its antenna at her. She blew on the ant scented fuzzy blur through her nose in disgust and sat up.

Another tickle to her back paws, and she leaped up before they could bite her again. This time after she landed, she placed her paws on both little bastards, squishing them into the soft ground between the blades.

Behind those two, however, Fluffball saw a blur of the red bugs leading back under the fence. Another snort of disgust, Fluffball pushed a few more in to show they didn’t really make her leave, then padded over to jump up to her favorite spot on the deck. Let the ants march across the yard, she would reclaim her sunshine nap up there.


As usual, I’d love to hear feedback, good, bad, or meh.


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