With a deep breath, I set a goal.

Memorial Day fell on my birthday this year, and it was a pleasant birthday. Hunnybun was his usual fantastic self, as usual…but I looked at where I’m at right now on this writing thing, and I am satisfied with my progress in building my skills, but I miss having a large project to work on. In learning this writing skill I’ve written two book length stories, and now I want to work on something like that again.

Except, I want to go forward, not stay where I am, so I’m not just going to write a book this time.  I’m going to polish it, write the submission/query/coverletter/whateverthesubmissionguidelinessay required to send it to *real* *live* agents. OMG! (bites nails)

I have this YA plot that’s been beating around the writerly part of my brain for months, and I finished typing the plotline yesterday. I have what I need to do the next step.

(deep breath)


I will finish this YA novel by the end of January 2011
I will torture/edit/polish it until ready to send it out to agents
I will learn to write a query letter thing and
The first submission will be sent on or before my birthday next year May 31, 2011

Will I get rejected?  Yup, no doubt.  I don’t care. If I can get one full book out once, I can do it again. And that’s how to get published. 



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