Musings of a wannabe published author

I had to make myself write, but I did get some words on the page today. Only added 473, but it’s something.

This WIP is for my goal of sending out to agents by my next birthday and I feel like the next-step-into-unknown is scaring me. heh

Why, I’m not sure. I’ve already written two books and I’ve read enough agent blogs to know they aren’t mean monsters. But y’know, the next step in a long range goal is scary. I know I’m ready for it; I worked on my skills for two years, not to mention the super, fantastic  who I will owe tea to for the rest of my life for her editing help.  

Going into something new always has that element of fear, and the more important the new thing is, the greater the fear. I want this. I want an agent to sell my books to publishers. I want to see my name on the spine of my book. I really want it. 

And that makes it scary. 

Perhaps this is why lots of people say they want to be a writer, and have all these great, nifty ideas, but never write a word. Why others spend their time on a blog, or website and not write. Why there are so many unfinished manuscripts in the world. It’s scary to put your hard work on the page. The hardest thing sometimes is to send my words to my beta readers, not to mention Ms. Evil Tea Editor. Writing is a creative art, you leave a piece of yourself in your creation, and sometimes knowing you’re going to lose some of yourself is scary.


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