I gotta be interesting too?!?

  had a great post about how to promote yourself as a writer, called The Need to Be Interesting.

It’s not enough anymore, if it ever was really, just to write an awesome story. We are attracted to interesting people. We want to listen to music made by people who are in the tabloids, and we want to read stories from people that interest us.

Kind of scary, the need to wave-your-arms-look-at-me so you attract an audience and build the skills to write a damn-good story at the same time. At least for me. 🙂

Familiar Trouble is now at


13805 / 60000 words. 23% done!


Worth reading

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Leveling up your writing

"Have you ever played those old FRPGs (fantasy role playing games) like the Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy, or the newer versions in the MMORPGs (massively multi-player online role playing games), WOW or Everquest?

Remember all the time that would be spent leveling up so that your avatar would be stronger, healthier, and get the most powerful gear?

Leveling up in writing requires much the same persistence, dedication, and effort. Here are some of the ways you can power boost your writing to the next level"

Now click the link and read it. It’s very good.

I have returned…

from my writers retreat.

This was my first ‘more than one day’ writing event and it was different. The critique was about the same as the Norwescon writers round-robin I’ve done three times now, and the lectures weren’t much different from the writing panels I’ve gone to either, but the big difference was the unstructured social gatherings we did in cabin 601.  Wow, they were almost indescribable.  Put 20-30 writers in one room to talk and things get fast, furious, funny AND INTERESTING. Those of you that go to cons have experienced how the average I.Q. of the people in the conversation goes up approx 20 pts phenonanom, well when all the participants are writers the average increase is greater. This was one of the few times that I felt like everyone in the room was as smart as me* or smarter. It was so awesome.

There were some times when my hearing wasn’t working properly, so I may have come off like a wall-flower on occasion because I didn’t get what had just been said, but I enjoyed being there so very much. I want to go again. 🙂

And Karen, the amazing lady who runs it, will hold another one next July, to be specific July 21-23 of 2011. It’s expected to cost more next year because she’s expanding it to have three crit groups and will need to pay the costs for three pros next year. She wants to hold it at the same place again too, which I did like.

The Ocean Crest Resort is a lovely quirky place with rooms tucked into odd spaces. My room was one of the ‘studio’ rooms and was tiny, squeezed between two larger suites with the window facing another room’s window across the entry hall. Someone mentioned it was a family business, and I believe it because it looks like it grew organically, without a master plan. Buildings are set haphazardly on the property, with some across hwy 109 from the front desk. I will also mention that there is nothing else out there. This is a destination resort to get away from civilization. Hwy 109 is a two-lane narrow road with many sharp corners and few guard-rails.  However, the views are spectacular, and the accommodations feel like you’re staying in someone’s house instead of a hotel. If you want a homey welcome feel when you visit the Washington Coast this is it.

My hunnybun and I are discussing going here the next time we ‘run away from home.’

*For those who may want to know, and this info is here not for ego purposes, but to give reference to the description above, I have tested between 145 and 150 on I.Q. tests. Please don’t hate me now, okay? 😉

Status Report

Just poking my head up over my laptop to let you know what I’m up to. My YA WIP is chugging along, not as fast as I hoped, but progress has and is occurring. Hunnybun and I have been in wonderful, fun, deep world-building dicussions, which most likely *won’t* end up in the book (I hope not-it’d bore anyone else to tears), but should give my story depth so readers will believe there is a world where you just might run into a talking cat. If you’re lucky, that is.


10894 / 60000 words. 18% done!

On an unrelated note, I just started reading www:watch by Robert J. Sawyer. I’m only 64 pages into it. Well written, has good characters. Another spontaneous AI arising from the world wide web story, but it takes a slightly different path. I was happily surprised when Caitlin, a 16 year-old girl, told her parents about Webmind. I’m reading on with eagerness to find out how this plays out, since the typical ‘keep it from the grown-ups’ plot is gone. So the premise is good, though I have a snag with the blind from birth 16 year-old learning to see. From what I read, if the brain never ever had visual stimulation, it wouldn’t know what to do with it by the time someone is 16. If she had lost her sight at say five, I’d have fewer problems. Of course, that just might be me. lol

If you want to check it out yourself, links are below. 🙂

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A Writer’s Day in Tweets

  • 11:48 Have next 6 hrs free-Let’s see how many words I can add to WIP #
  • 14:41 Broke 10,000 words in WIP Whoo Hoo! #
  • 14:43 So true. RT @littlefluffycat: <retweet>RT @noveldoctor</retweet>: Chocolate is God’s apology for making writing so difficult. // LOL #
  • 16:39 Wrist hurts from typing time for a break- ow #

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A Writer’s Day in Tweets

  • 12:54 I’m speechless. This thing thinks I write like Stephen King. Proof: iwl.me/s/b3a26720 #
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