One more step from n00b to professional

I think I promised you guys I’d let you know when I got a reply from the editor of the anthology I received permission to submit for publication.

Well, I didn’t made the cut. đŸ˜¦ bummer

BUT WAIT! It was not a form rejection. For the first time, it was something else.

"…it wasn’t right for this anthology. It was a good story. You should shop it around."

This is my first non-form letter rejection. So I count it as a tiny step from n00b to the professional I want to be.

Will I submit it somewhere else? Most likely, as soon as I figure out who wants this type of story. Research ahoy! lol


Status report

(pardon the lolspeak)



22487 / 60000 words. 37% done!

I just wrote the introduction for my poor protag’s familiar. Once again, this is first draft, your understanding is appreciated. Thank you. 

Previous scene: Mark, my 13-yr-old protag, after thoughtful consideration decided to perform the Call a Familiar spell and jumps up to run and ask his Grandma for help.

A crackle in the dry yellow grass, the little brown field mouse sniffed the air with it’s last breath. Explosive rustle of grass and two tawny paws landed on it’s back, ending it’s life with a squeak.

 A small meal from the diminutive mouse, but a rough pink tongue licked claws clean, followed by face and whiskers. When finished, the tongue took one last swipe around the mouth, and bright green hunter’s eyes opened, ready for the next kill.

Musical sound rang through the cat’s body, from ear tips to tail tip. A sound Jade thought she would never hear. A sound her queen and her queen’s queen had never heard. The sound of a call.

Joy burst in Jade. She had been called. A wizard wanted her.

She leaped through the dry grass at full speed.

Have you got your copy of Fur-Face yet?

 is just about to wrap up his Fur-Face promotion contest, and he’s got some cool stuff to give away. You can still get in the contest but hurry it’s almost over.

I’ve read it and liked it enough I read it to my 10-year-old and *he* liked it so much I didn’t get it back. Good thing it’s an e-book so he can keep the printed pages, I still got it on my reader! lol

Amazon link
B&N link


I have great writers on my friends page. Let me show you…

 posted about critique groups and what to do if the group unanimously hates something in your story you love. You might think you have two options, cut it or ignore the feedback, but you actually have a third

"If your story feels right to you, it probably means you have information you neglected to share with the reader. Put it on paper. Justify your story, don’t let it be cowed into inferiority by people who are missing half the data."

WTF livejournal?

In my profile today, doing maintiance stuff, when I noticed that two people were listed as banned from my journal. huh? Since I didn’t remember banning anyone, I checked out the user names. One journal was in Russian,and since I can’t read even one word in Russian, I left it banned. But the other one was a writer that I recently added to my friends page from somebody’s recommendation. No, I did not ban this person, I *asked* them if it was okay I followed them. Why in heaven’s name would I ban them? 

So if I recently friended you and you found out I had banned you from my blog, it was livejournal’s doing not mine and I fixed it. (I think)


Dina’s Blankie!pic post

Yes, I am in the second Blankie!pic post of the great *evil*  

She got an odd pic of me with my blankie scarf, it is so-soft-n-cuddly-I’ve-slept-with-it, but she didn’t get them all!

I didn’t send this one because you can’t see Galaya, the polydactyl kitty very well, even if you can see my son’s blankie better. Cats first y’know. lol

A writer’s funny and status report

Non Sequitur

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20281 / 60000 words. 34% done!