Status report

(pardon the lolspeak)



22487 / 60000 words. 37% done!

I just wrote the introduction for my poor protag’s familiar. Once again, this is first draft, your understanding is appreciated. Thank you. 

Previous scene: Mark, my 13-yr-old protag, after thoughtful consideration decided to perform the Call a Familiar spell and jumps up to run and ask his Grandma for help.

A crackle in the dry yellow grass, the little brown field mouse sniffed the air with it’s last breath. Explosive rustle of grass and two tawny paws landed on it’s back, ending it’s life with a squeak.

 A small meal from the diminutive mouse, but a rough pink tongue licked claws clean, followed by face and whiskers. When finished, the tongue took one last swipe around the mouth, and bright green hunter’s eyes opened, ready for the next kill.

Musical sound rang through the cat’s body, from ear tips to tail tip. A sound Jade thought she would never hear. A sound her queen and her queen’s queen had never heard. The sound of a call.

Joy burst in Jade. She had been called. A wizard wanted her.

She leaped through the dry grass at full speed.


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