I have great people on my friends page: PREORDER LINK FOR LAST BOOK IN SHIVER TRILOGY


 has a link to pre-order FOREVER, the last book in the Shiver trilogy so I’m passing this along to those who may be jumping up-n-down now wondering why I haven’t typed it yet. 😀

The link to the pre-order site: http://www.fountainbookstore.com/autograph-maggie.

And if you pass this along, you can enter  her contest to win an audio book of Linger too. lol


The culprits have been found!


They are the ones! Errors in my writing are THEIR RESPONSIBILITY, not mine. ha! So there!

BTW, WIP is stalled due to start of college classes. 😦 I feel guilty, like I’m ignoring a dear friend. Sorry story!


29581 / 60000 words. 49% done!

It’s Skyla Dawn Cameron’s Birthday!

And she’s running a prize giveaway to celebrate. 

Visit her blog for all the juicy details on what to do to enter. Simple, just donate money, food, blankets, time, etc. to your local animal shelter. If you have adopted a homeless pet, post pics to get more entries. See, easy. 🙂

And just what may you win?  Well, does a $25 Amazon gift card sound good to you?
Or how about a signed copy of a good book?
Which books? Well, go over to her blog and read the list yourself, it’s too long to post here. Go already. Shoo.

And tell her I sent you. It’s good for a laugh.


Back in the saddle…or something like that.


28941 / 60000 words. 48% done!


All the brain storming helped, I added around 1,200 words last night. I’m so close to the half-way mark I can taste it. 🙂

Jade is Mark’s familiar cat.


What? She asked, her head resting on the tree branch and her eyes shut.

“If I can lift a leaf, can I lift myself?”

If you can figure out how to visualize it.

Mark sat up and complained, “C’mon, you’re supposed to help me.”

I am helping you. Her tail slashed. If you can figure out how to get up, you’re ready for it. If you can’t you should not be doing it.

“Thanks a lot cat.” He slumped back down against the tree trunk with his arms crossed.*

*Don’t worry, he figures it out. 😉

Have any of you done this?

I figured out why I’m bogged down here.  And it is a forehead-slapping DUH!

Those of you who read this blog may remember that I wrote out my plot line, so I know where the story goes as I write it. I found early on I work better with much less stress if I don’t write by the seat of my pants. While my muse does insist on doing things differently from time to time and usually she’s correct, I have the main flow from plot-point to plot-point to follow. 

Or I thought I did.

I sat down to write today and had not a clue what scene to write next, so decided to re-read my plot for inspiration. That’s when I saw it, or more specifically did not see it.

I have nothing, zippo, zilch, in my plot line between my protag getting his familiar and when his parents get home.  This is about a month and a half of story time. Duh! No wonder I haven’t got a clue what to write. That part’s blank.

Now, I need to brainstorm what I want my protag to learn about magic/magic society/laws & ethics then put them in order. I hope this doesn’t put me behind schedule. (quick prayer to writing deity)

I have great writers on my friends page. Let me show you…

 posted about writing and insanity Go read for all the good details.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
    — Rita Mae Brown (often misattributed to Albert Einstein)

…. I had over three hundred before I sold a single story. Was I insane to keep sending out, and expecting a result different from continued rejection? Apparently not, though since that first sale I’ve almost fifteen hundred more rejections, and almost three hundred acceptances.

A writer will send out a story, get rejected, and send it out again, expecting a different result. Insane, right? But doing something repeatedly, and working on doing it better, will get you different results. Jay compares it to parenting. As a mom, I go over the manners lessons, repeatedly, until one day I hear my darling child say thank you to (sigh) someone else. Is it insane to teach a child manners? No. Is it insane to submit your work? Not if you’re learning your lessons.

I did it.


27628 / 60000 words. 46% done!

I pushed through the blockage.  is correct that ‘butt in chair’ works. I made myself sit and write each day, and while several days only got 150ish, today I added over 400. One whole scene, that tells you about two of the characters and how familiars work.  

The scene:
Jade is my protag’s familiar. Sam is his grandma’s familiar. I’ll have Mark learn some magic history in the next section and find out about Sir Alexander Downs II. He is the wizard who led the Queen’s Wizard Battalion defending London from bombing raids in WWII.  Standard disclaimers apply: this is raw wordage; no edits were done; your understanding is appreciated.


Jade romped in the tall grass of an empty lot, scaring mice and grasshoppers with each leap. She thrilled at their fear, but they were in no danger this evening, her wizard had fed her before he sat down to his evening meal. Perhaps another day she would feel their bones crack into splinters beneath her, but today they were safe.

Tired of the game, Jade stopped to groom the burrs from her paws. She was quite satisfied with her lot. The elder wizard, her wizard’s grand-dam, knew the proper respect to feline familiars and taught Jade’s new charge well. Yes, she had very little so far to complain about, besides the impulsiveness every young one possessed.

Enjoy that? Sam asked from behind a clump of bachelor buttons. He stepped through and they rubbed sides in friendly greeting.

I did. Jade sat her rump on the dusty ground in her Egyptian pose.

Sam sat before her, front legs bowed around his girth, his eyes slits in the setting sun. A gnat brushed past his whiskers; his head twitched. I want to ask you about your knowledge line.

Oh? She expected this. Familiars passed knowledge from dam to kit, adding everything the dam had learned over her lifetime.

Yes, I’m curious to know where it branched from the beginning.

I see. Jade paused to think. That was far back. Much farther back than she had expected. She prepared for when the last wizard was and what they studied. To answer what had been added to the line most recently. His question was unusual. My knowledge line branched from Palladro’s familiar, Mao san.

From Honorable Cat? Impressive. The tip of his tail swished.

And where does your line branch from? Jade asked, as polite as her Chinese ancestor.

Radagast. Sam answered, his tail thumped the ground.

Jade knew he was close to a decision to dominate by battle.  She would have to tread well to place herself above him without violence. That her line was the better helped.

Have you been familiar to a wizard before?

When she answered no, Sam’s eyes squeezed shut and his tail stilled. He thought he had won.

But he had not.

My great-grand-dam’s wizard was Sir Alexander Downs.

A high pitched growl was all the warning Jade got before he pounced.