Chugging along, happy as a clam


26617 / 60000 words. 44% done!

Added 570 words today, while not as much as the 1,000ish words I was getting earlier, still more than my 300ish daily progress I used to do. I’m having fun with this story. Mark has his familiar now, and is learning about magic. Sometimes learning the hard way, when he gets yelled at by his grandma for waking her up with bright lights in her bedroom in the middle of the night. heehee

Having a teenager in the house is proving very handy. Hunnybun and I were discussing what Mark would want to know since he found out he can do magic, and hunnybun decided to ask our resident 15-yr-old. He told us that want he would want to know first is "What can I do?" then the next question would be, "What can’t I do?"  When I asked about the second, he explained he meant what was dangerous, or against the law, or impossible.

Ah. Well that must go into my story, so I began writing. Now to figure out how to explain my world’s physics in a way a 13-yr-old would understand.  No one said writing would be easy!


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