On my mind today,

It’s September 11th. When nine years ago, what only happened in other countries happened to us. Extremists, perverting the Islamic religion as their excuse, murdered thousands of people. That day our society changed in subtle but clear ways.

We’ve lost freedoms. An ID required to buy a plane ticket. An unopened 8 oz jam jar can’t be in your carry on luggage. You have to take off your shoes and submit to a full body scan to fly.

We are watched. Books we check out from the library, web sites we visit, groups we belong to. More cameras in public spaces. We are reporting on each other.

News has become louder, meaner, and scared.

Fear, whipped to incoherent froth, is focused on those who believe the Koran. Focused on those that disagree. Focused on those who want to make things better.  

Focused on each other.

How long can we do this before it all comes apart at the seams?


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