Have any of you done this?

I figured out why I’m bogged down here.  And it is a forehead-slapping DUH!

Those of you who read this blog may remember that I wrote out my plot line, so I know where the story goes as I write it. I found early on I work better with much less stress if I don’t write by the seat of my pants. While my muse does insist on doing things differently from time to time and usually she’s correct, I have the main flow from plot-point to plot-point to follow. 

Or I thought I did.

I sat down to write today and had not a clue what scene to write next, so decided to re-read my plot for inspiration. That’s when I saw it, or more specifically did not see it.

I have nothing, zippo, zilch, in my plot line between my protag getting his familiar and when his parents get home.  This is about a month and a half of story time. Duh! No wonder I haven’t got a clue what to write. That part’s blank.

Now, I need to brainstorm what I want my protag to learn about magic/magic society/laws & ethics then put them in order. I hope this doesn’t put me behind schedule. (quick prayer to writing deity)


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