I wish I was a Gale Girl. They have more fun.

I am late getting to this party, several of the people on my friends page have already posted about this, but I just finished a book worth spending some of the book budget on. 

Tanya Huff’s  "The Enchantment Emporium"
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If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. The Gales are quirky interesting, and how their magic works came across as believable to me, with no gaping holes of "But what about?" to distract from the basic coming-into-full-adulthood story. Allie felt real to me, because often I’ve done WTF? things and not been able to explain to others why I did it that way. Happy ending for Ally, it works out, mostly. There is loose ends for more story and I do hope Ms. Huff gets to write it because I want to read more. 


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