Another great writer on my friends page

 posted today regarding the women-in-sf subject that’s on so many blogs lately. I liked the way she said it, come check it out.

"Given my otherwise supportive environment growing up, it came as a bit of a surprise to me when, freshman year of college, one guy on my dorm floor refused to believe that I could truly be a hardcore Star Wars fan.  Because I was a girl.  He took to quizzing me on the films every time he passed me in the hall…"

I can relate. I get questioned/interrogated/whatever-you-want-to-call-it occasionally when other geeks (male) find out I like math, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. I never got a quiz master like she did though. My whole family is into SF-F. Sheesh, my mother is a BIG  Stargate fan. She has all the Babylon 5 episodes on VCR and DVD. She collected the dolls that had all of Queen Amadalla’s (sp?) dresses…and X-files….and…and…

I grew up with the attitude that anybody could be a geek. So the boys only attitude still surprises me. When syfy (formerly known as the Sci-Fi channel) says that their audience is 17-25 yr-old males, I laugh. When I hear that only males write sci-fi; You’re kidding, right? Because otherwise you’re delusional.

Because we are here.

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