Yesterday, I got my synopsis, cover letter and the first 9000 words or so of my WIP sent off to the Fairwood Writer’s Workshop at Norwescon. Novels get individual sessions, so I look forward to the great feedback from the professionals next Easter. Best part is I don’t have to read any crappy stories from the other workshop attendees. After doing that for two years at Norwescon, slush readers have my heartfelt sympathy. You guys are amazing to do that day after day and still keep your sanity. A hat-tip to you.

I also flogged myself to sit down and write today. I was so mean. I made my muse give me over 350 words, not 297, where it stopped the first time. I ended up with 450. I think I shocked it or something. So slow progress, but progress all the same.


38160 / 60000 words. 64% done!


Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

I am thankful for…

My son, who I love more than anything else. My story is for you.  I hope it’s ready for you before you’re 18. 🙂

My hunnybun. He holds me when writer’s angst makes me cry, reads my writing and loves it, encourages me to write more, and is there for me always.

, who, as busy as she is, beta reads my stories, tears them apart to make them better, and makes me a better writer.

The other writers who don’t mind if I follow their journal for writing advice.  Your posts have taught me much.

And importantly I am thankful for you; thank you for reading. Thank you for positing your comments. Knowing I’m not talking to empty silence makes me feel less lonely on this writing journey.

Still swinging for the fences…even if I do still hit the infield.

Well, I sent another story to Apex today.  A 750 word ‘flash’ fiction that got a good review from the two beta readers who read it. Oh, and I did check the submission guidelines for a minimum word count before I sent it.  Since I didn’t see one, I figured they didn’t care how long, just how good.

Fingers crossed!

In other news, my WIP now sits at


37667 / 60000 words. 63% done!

Some progress, so I won’t flog myself too much.  Even slow progress means I’ll get there eventually.

Kat Richardson’s Greywalker

Actually, I read "Greywalker" and the sequel "Poltergeist." I picked them up at the reading    did in my neighborhood at the PLU bookstore on Garfield street here in Tacoma. The group was small, which can make for a great Q&A session afterwords. 🙂

I ended up liking Greywalker better, but I am one of those people who like world building and get into the mechanics of how/what/why something is the way it is.

Harper Blaine is a regular P.I. until one person she’s investigating attacks her so badly she dies for two minutes in the emergency room. Death has left a mark. She can now travel into the supernatural world laid over top of ours, the Grey. Ghosts, vampires and monsters live there. Some are mindless time impressions, some are friendly, but some are deadly.

There was one line in the second book that, as soon as I find a place for it, I’m using in my stories.

"He’s about as useful as a chocolate tea pot."

I laughed out loud when I read that and had to explain why I was laughing to my hunnybun. Good line, no *very* good line Ms. Richardson. (hat-tip to you)

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Post convention report

Y’know, I mentioned that I was at Orycon but I forgot to give you any details about what I did there.  Budget made me cut it down to only one night, so I only got to do things on Saturday and Sunday morning. I caught lots of interesting writing panels, and sang filk with hunnybun until after midnight.  Short form: I had fun.

The best part of all was when I got to meet   for the first time and she is as great as I imagined. She remembered me from when she unbelievably edited the start of one of my full length stories I posted to my blog.  I was, and still am, grateful to her for "sticking her neck out"  for an unknown N00B writer. BTW, she declined my offer of a mocha for her help. I pushed for her to accept, but she was firm so I backed off. I still feel like I promised it to her, then didn’t follow through when I finally met her…sigh.

Anyway, I also caught a few panels with the knowledgeable Sharyn November, editor.  She does lots of YA, possibly only YA, so I plan on checking out her manuscript submission guidelines (after mine is polished to within an inch of it’s life of course) to see if it’s what she’s looking for.  I wonder if I should suggest her to Norwescon for their writing track.

I did catch one of ‘s panels on plot, but I got lost finding the room and showed up in the middle of the discussion so I’m not quite sure what exactly they were talking about. It was kind of esoteric stuff.  The dog next to me in the back by the door was cute though. Sorry Jay. 😦 It wasn’t you.

To end on a less embarrassing to me note, I did get to wish  happy birthday, and say hi to   and  .

Okay that’s enough name dropping. Sheesh, you’d think I actually know important people or something. lol

I have been remiss, haven’t I?


I’ve been remiss in posting my progress, or lack thereof, of my WIP. Must fix that right now.


36702 / 60000 words. 61% done!

I did say lack thereof didn’t I? 

Not that I haven’t been writing.  I wrote a 750 word flash story that my hunnybun really likes, and did the edits on the short story that the feedback said it didn’t have a plot.  Worked on clarifying the plot, as well as the rest of the tweaks she suggested.  So i have done something, just not what I’m supposed to be doing. Somewhere I read that when you get elbow deep in a story, the plot bunnies start breeding. So very true.

I have decided to send my WIP to the Norwescon writers workshop. Novels only get individual sessions with pros, so I don’t even have to ask. I don’t want to be in one of their round robin sessions anymore. Honest and without ego, I was far above the rest of the writers in the session I was in last year. The only good feedback I got was from the pros, the other writers weren’t so helpful. I think the deadline is December 13th, so my entry will be one of the early ones.

Now, off to bed.

At Ory!

Just arrived at Orycon after adventures finding the hotel. Lost in Downtown Portland is so not my thing. 🙂

I am hoping to catch the wonderful Ms. Elrod, who is guest of honor. I want to get my copy of "My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding" signed. SQUEEEEEE!