I have been remiss, haven’t I?


I’ve been remiss in posting my progress, or lack thereof, of my WIP. Must fix that right now.


36702 / 60000 words. 61% done!

I did say lack thereof didn’t I? 

Not that I haven’t been writing.  I wrote a 750 word flash story that my hunnybun really likes, and did the edits on the short story that the feedback said it didn’t have a plot.  Worked on clarifying the plot, as well as the rest of the tweaks she suggested.  So i have done something, just not what I’m supposed to be doing. Somewhere I read that when you get elbow deep in a story, the plot bunnies start breeding. So very true.

I have decided to send my WIP to the Norwescon writers workshop. Novels only get individual sessions with pros, so I don’t even have to ask. I don’t want to be in one of their round robin sessions anymore. Honest and without ego, I was far above the rest of the writers in the session I was in last year. The only good feedback I got was from the pros, the other writers weren’t so helpful. I think the deadline is December 13th, so my entry will be one of the early ones.

Now, off to bed.


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