Writers are odd people…

Hunnybun and I have interesting discussions. We wander into odd, unusual places.

Today we wandered into the subject of classic bad opening lines. Like "It was a dark and stormy night." Written by Edward bulwer-Lytton in 1830. I told hunnybun that sentence was "telling" and to fix it you would "show" instead. He asked me how I would do that. I had my netbook with me so I wrote:




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Vicious wind whipped clouds as deep as a grave and as black as coal, hiding even the hint of a moon above. Rain fell in torrents through darkness thick enough to make someone wonder if her eyes were open or shut, relieved only by a random painful flash of lightning with it’s earthshaking crash on it’s heels.

He liked it so much he asked me what kind of story would go with that and we discussed a short story in my Familiar Trouble World. When I reminded him I have a 40,000+ story I need to finish, he just laughed.

Sigh, the plot bunnies get help sneaking up on me sometimes.


Why I set writing goals….even if I rarely meet them.

Well, I set a goal to finish my 60,000 word story by New Year’s and with three days to go, I’m around 40,000 words. I can see that I didn’t make it. That’s what usually happens when I set a goal-I don’t reach it. So, I failed, right?

Not exactly.

See, I don’t look at what I didn’t get, I looked at what I did get. Goals are not just the end point, they are all the stuff in-between. Writing the last 20,000 words would have been wonderful, I would have happy danced for days, yet that goal I placed out there for me to work towards gave me a direction to go. A direction to look. No, I didn’t finish like I wanted, but I wrote more than I had before I set my goal.

That’s the purpose of goals. Not to make you hate yourself when you "fail" to accomplish them, but to get you moving. I consider myself a success, since I squeezed out 3/4th of a book in seven months. The last two took me a year each to finish, this one is moving faster, and that makes me happy.

So, go ahead and set goals for 2011. Don’t worry if you don’t reach them. Make the effort, and when you are done, don’t look at how far away your destination still is, look at how far away your starting point is. That’s what I do.

Happy New Year 🙂

Random set of Lovely Links I visited today or I know some great people.

First off Skyla Dawn Cameron of Mundania Press   Reasons for Rejection

 aka Mira Grant wrote the Zombie Night Before Christmas because the world needed one. Right?

 has a brain tease-until-insane contest on his blog Can you solve this Cunning, Cryptic, Conundrum?

And finally,   pointed to this link about the Yule Cat who forced parents to provide new clothes for their children or else!

Sorry, I’ve been absent. December is busy, y’know?

Well, to those who are missing me, or my periodic status reports, I do offer an apology. December is an important month to kids, and mine happens to be ten, so I quote the magician from "Frosty the Snowman." Busy! Busy! Busy!   Cookies, Lights, Tree, and Present acquisition in specific.  

Application of a large shoehorn to my schedule, usually around midnight, meant I have added to my wordcount anyway. I am finally over two thirds done. Yippie! I got that sucker over 40,000 words. (happy dance) Those of you who might be smirking because you can add 1,000 words without breaking a sweat…I hate you, but only in the nicest way.


40224 / 60000 words. 67% done!

Best Prezzie Evar or I have the best writer friends

Managed to get some writing done today. I’m up over 39,300 words, but that’s not what I wanted to post about.

I really wanted to gush about the package I received today.  It had this in it…

heehee cut for kindness to your friends page

Persistence? Or just another way of giving up?

My story "Tears for a Toad" has now been rejected more than four times. Screw it. I just sent it to Asimov’s MagazineIf I’m going to get rejected, I want to be rejected by the best, dammit!

In other news, "Desperation" is out for consideration at Tor.com and the flash fiction "Hunter in the Bar" is out at Daily Science Fiction.

In other-other news, my WIP got words added today. I had to go hide from the kids at my local library, but I wrote gawd-dammit.


39283 / 60000 words. 65% done!

WIP Status

College finals are done finally. (pun intended) and now I have a couple weeks off until classes start up again. My goal is to write every day for the next two weeks, lets see if I make it. Yule, Christmas Eve and Christmas will do their most  to interfere of course. 🙂 

Let’s see how the battle goes between now and New Years. Wish me luck.

WIP now sits:


38469 / 60000 words. 64% done!