All the hugs from you guys helped a lot. Knowing there really is somebody listening, even when I’m a whiny downer, means something awesome.

Thank You Very Much for the Hugs.

I felt better this afternoon, I even added to my story, a measly "why bother posting" 68 words, but I finally added words again. I will celebrate that because I it means I might not fail after all.

And it is because of the people I know on line. 🙂


43984 / 60000 words. 73% done!


Wherein I whine…

My life sucks. It socks rocks. I want to cry because all my stress points are used up and I have no reserves.

Between the following items in random order:

You do not have to read this. There is no good things under this cut. You have been warned.

Shiny Writer Links to distract from my lack of progress….

The Artful Infodump This link went around twitter the other day. I saved the link and just read it this morning. Recommended reading for writers beginning to middling skill level. The experts among us already know this. 😉

Reason, Stakes, & Cost
Lili Saintcrow (she’s on lj but the link is to Deadline dames because LJ seems to think she’s not a user wtf LJ?) explains why physical violence in fiction has to have a good reason behind it. For the protag AND who they’re fighting.

Starstruck Giveaway  has a book contest going with no way to lose. If you don’t win the book you’ll get a book-marker anyway. 🙂

Instant Gratification: Novel Style
[info]jimvanpelt posted his thoughts regarding time it takes to write a novel. QUOTE: "…why not break the non-productive streak right now?  You’re already at your computer.  Don’t get up.  Open your word processor and write something for the next ten minutes."

And on that note, I am opening word and closing firefox….lol

Do something fun today. 🙂


Sweat beads on your brow, your fingers type like mad to get this awesome, heart-wrenching story out. You know those that read it will weep, laugh and cry at just the right parts.  You send it to your agent/beta readers, and sit back to await your well earned praise…

More great comics at

Review “An Artificial Night”

Just got done with [info]seanan_mcguire ‘s latest Toby Daye book "An Artificial Night." Worth reading, Seanan keeps producing great escapist fiction just the way I like it. *

Amazon link
Barns n Noble link
Borders link

*Somehow, LJ lost the rest of this entry. I put the links back, but will just leave the description as is. Worth Reading says it all. 🙂

Wrote today

No school for us adults or the kid-lets. Day off for everybody-whoo hoo!

I decided since the math teacher hasn’t given us the next chapter yet, and I have no homework in my economic class, I should write.

So I did…


43159 / 60000 words. 72% done!

Signal Boosting & status

 put out that there are still slots open for their writers workshop this summer. FYI, this is the one I went to and like it. website for more info

Mr. Scalzi posted a warning. Today’s Writing Contest to Run Like Hell From 
 also posted a WTF? regarding this writing contest from First One Digital Publishing.

On my friends page today, a friend of a friend,,  , has a new shiny book "Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti" check it out.

Lastly, my little Work In Progress now sits at


42853 / 60000 words. 71% done!

Yeah, I know. I need to get to work.