Status report

This broke hopeful writer & college student got her last payment into the Cascade Writers workshop July 21-24 at the Ocean Crest Resort. Yippie! I am definitely going. Last I heard, there are some slots left if you’re interested.

You should be interested because just like last year the fun, zany and mars mission booster will each head a group, and the organizers convinced Tor editor Beth Meacham to head a third. Her group is full, but she’s supposed to do a Q&A with the other two groups. There’s a dinner on Saturday that should be awesome. Spouses can come enjoy too. I’m bringing my hunnybun and got him a dinner ticket. He puts up with my insanity, he can take a room full of people insane the same way, right?

No words added recently, logarithms are eating my brain in pre-calc. Yes, guilt has taken up residence. 😦


Book Giveaway!

At Maggie’s blog known around livejournal as   she’s OMG! Giving Away Books!

Let me wave my hands to distract you…

From no work done. Slacker me feels bad, but I haven’t a clue what the next scene is! (pulls hair)

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But baby it’s cold outside…

The view from my living room window this morning. Tacoma got Snow! overnight, with occasional flurries to make it even deeper. Fun! We all have a snow day today, so kids are outside playing. I’m home catching up on laundry and writing.

On the word count front, I currently stand at:


48647 / 60000 words. 81% done!

I’d happy dance, but my knee still hurts.

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When writing gets over the crest and quits pushing up hill, it can move at amazing speed. At least to me anyway.


48441 / 60000 words. 81% done!

Raw wordage. Standard disclaimers apply.*

Mark's parents, Tom and Maria, have just found out that their son is a wizard. They are very upset and got into a screaming argument with his Grandma, Tom's mother. Mark wanted to run away from the screaming and teleported Jade, his familiar, and himself away. He hasn't been taught how to do this. Grandma and his parents had to search and have just found him safe in the library.

Status: progress achieved

As I suspected, the big dramatic scene is easier for me to write. Or maybe it’s just more interesting to my muse, regardless, I am now making better progress than before. Here’s to actually getting this book done! 🙂


46652 / 60000 words. 78% done!

And because I couldn’t think of anything interesting to add, please enjoy this icanhascheezburger filler.

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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody

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Right after he brought me my coffee this morning, yes I am spoiled rotten, hunnybun brought me my Valentine’s Day gift. I got  chocolates, a rose and a shiny silver necklace.  Isn’t he grand? I gave him the present I found for him at one of his favorite "toy stores" Guitar Center. He likes the microphone and boom mic stand I got him.  I hope your day is great too. 🙂

Anyway, I found a continuity error and spent the last couple of days fixing it. So precious few words added, but I’ll count that as progress anyway. lol


45721 / 60000 words. 76% done!