The plot bunnies mass for invasion…

I love my hunnybun, heck I love him enough I married him last Sunday Jan. 30th, but sometimes he needs a whack over the head.

Case in point:

Yesterday, he asked me what an intelligent feline based alien, essentially a lion, would be like. We started discussing their communication, i.e. verbal with some body language modifiers (think tail position), and how the spine would most likely still be horizontally oriented. We got into how their society was arranged, and who would be out in space-Males or Females? My brain started to come up with names off of the sounds my housecats make.

He asked what First Contact would be like between humans and these aliens. The conclusion is that the alien’s report home would be "Trade recommended. Too much trouble to kill."  Cats are lazy arrogant animals, so of course they could conquer us, but it would be too much bother.

Now I have a rich interesting world and a story in that world. Sigh. I need to finish my story I’m not working on. I’ll be good and tuck this delightful shinny away for later, and crack the whip on, um…I mean bribe with cat treats, my muse to finish the current project, THEN I can play with this shiny toy. 🙂


44195 / 60000 words. 74% done!


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