I’d happy dance, but my knee still hurts.

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When writing gets over the crest and quits pushing up hill, it can move at amazing speed. At least to me anyway.


48441 / 60000 words. 81% done!

Raw wordage. Standard disclaimers apply.*

“What were you thinking young man?” Mark’s dad thundered. His voice ricocheted off the high ceiling and vibrated the metal light fixtures with a metallic whine.

“Did you know how terrified we were?” Mark’s mother added at almost the same volume.

 “I’m sorry.” Mark wailed. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to get away…”

“Get away?” his dad screamed.

“Knock this off!” His grandma’s volume managed to cut through their rage like a chain saw. “If you frighten him again, he’s likely to teleport again and he’s not trained! Are you two idiots? Shut up!”

Both adults turned toward Maggie. “How dare you,” his mother said, face flushed, “Eres tan estupido como un perra, skonka!”

Grandma’s face hardened to granite. In a low, cold voice she retorted, “Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madre.”

Mark’s mother whitened. Her body stiffened, then she ran out the front door.

“Mom, now look what you did.” Mark’s dad waved at the door his wife just used. “I’ll have to go talk her down. God damn it!” He stomped out the door after Maria.


*These are raw words. No editing has been done. Your patience and understanding with any grammatical errors, etc. are appreciated.


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