Well, sometimes life sucks and rocks at the same time.

the bad

I took my math final and blew it. So much for getting at least a B out of the class. I was in tears all the way home. Word to the wise, don’t have a fight with your hunnybun and have to arrange last-minute babysitting change-of-plans the morning of a big test. You will be so stressed your mind will freeze, no matter how much you studied. 😥

the good

With finals over, I am now in spring break, so I now have more time to write. Whoo Hoo!


51398 / 60000 words. 86% done!

Hunnybun and I are discussing continuity issues and I added words to earlier scenes to keep the reader from being shocked out of the story from any rude surprises.

My poor protag is back home in Seattle, now, with his familiar cat, Jade, and he’s losing his best friend because Mark’s a wizard and he isn’t. Mark’s been through the hell of his parents blow up about him being a wizard. His friendship will fully die next, then a big blow up with his mother that will drive him completely out of his parents home. 

Poor Mark. He’s not in for a good time.


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