My poor protag…

Happy Dance for Progress!


53053 / 60000 words. 88% done!

Very productive week so far. I have written all the scenes leading up to the big Ka-Boom that pushes my poor protag to run away from home back across the state to his grandma. Mark has lost his best friend, been kicked out of his favorite place-the library, only his mother having her fit is left to rip away everything from him.

And this writer is full of evil glee at the prospect.

Here is the library scene for your perusal. Standard disclaimers apply*.
Set up: Mark wanted to show Jade, his familiar cat, his favorite place-the local library. He goes to this place so often some of the librarians know him by name.






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“I’m sorry Mark,” Ms. Julie shook her head, her eyes sympathetic behind her glasses, “But non service animals are not allowed in the library.” Her usual mussed blonde bun flopped back and forth.

Mark’s hand went to his shoulder as if someone was about to take the cat away. “But she’s not a pet, she’s my familiar!”

Ms. Julie pursed her lips in confusion. “I don’t know Mark. I’ve never met a wizard or a familiar.” Her gaze narrowed at him. “You’re not funning me are you? Making a joke on poor gullible Ms. Julie, are you?”

He shook his head so hard he knocked heads with Jade. “Oh no, Ms. Julie. I wouldn’t do that to you. I like you!”

She stood. “Well, I can go ask the head librarian. Wait here.”

Mark stood in front of her return counter and waited. They had been stopped by Ms. Julie as they passed. She told him he knew better than to bring his pet into the library. When he tried to explain, she only repeated the rule until he shouted back.

With nothing better to do, he looked at the stacks of returns piled on the counter.

Think they will let me in? Jade asked from his shoulder.

“Well, I thought they would, but now…” he trailed off because Ms. Julie was back with a middle-aged man in a cheap, worn suit.

He stuck out his hand. “Hello, I’m Mr. Leibetter, the head librarian.”

Mark shook his hand reluctantly. Mr. Leibetter’s hand felt dry and dusty. Mark wiped his hand on his pants after he released his hand.

“Now, what seems to be the trouble, young man?”

“Well, I just want to use the library like every other time I’ve come here.” Mark knew he whined, but he couldn’t help it. He was so frustrated at these dense adults.

“You can come here anytime we’re open. However,” Mr. Leibetter crossed his arms in front of him. “The policy on animals is no pets, only service animals are allowed in the library. You will have to take your cat home.”

“But she’s not just a cat, she’s my familiar!”

Mr. Leibetter’s eyes opened wide. “You’re a wizard? Really?” Ms. Julie elbowed him and his face hardened. “Of course, Ms. Julie is concerned you may be playing a prank. Therefore, if you would show us your card, we will welcome the honor of a wizard and familiar using our library.”

Mark dug out his library card and held it out.

Ms. Julie hid a titter behind a hand; both adults grinned.  

“No, no dear boy,” Mr. Leibetter shook his head, “Your NAAM card. Only wizards have them. Now, show us your membership card or please take your pet home.”

Mark looked down at the hard wood floor. “I don’t have one. I just found out this summer I’m a wizard.”

Ms. Julie said, “Well, if you’re a wizard you can go down to the local NAAM office around the corner and get one, but I think your parents have to come with you. You aren’t an adult yet, Mark.”

He looked up to meet Ms. Julie’s kind gaze. “Okay, I’ll go talk to my dad about it.” His heart sunk. No matter what the librarians thought, Mark was sure his dad wouldn’t ever let him get a NAAM card.

“And congratulations,” Mr. Leibetter said, “Not many people are so lucky.”

Mark waved half-heartedly at him. Yeah, everyone should be as lucky as him.

*these are raw words, no editing has been done. Your patience with any errors is appreciated, whether grammar or spelling or prose. 🙂


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