Bad life day/Good writing day

As some of you know from twitter, (@slweippert there if interested) I had a chair roll out from under me at school and I wrenched my knee. Yes, the knee I twisted in the shower right before my wedding in January once again hurts like hell and will not support my weight. Yesterday, I was walking around campus without pain or cane, rejoicing that my knee was finally healed, I only had to rebuild the muscle strength and I’d be back to normal.

I hate my life.

On a more positive note. I am still striving for the end of my tale. I’m almost there! My protag got help from his pen pal and got on the greyhound bus headed back to Grandma’s.


58114 / 60000 words. 97% done!

Next I will take a pain pill and got to bed. They knock me out, but if I’m asleep, I can’t feel the pain.


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