math test today-wish me luck!

Hi guys, thought I should update you all on where I am right now with my *almost* completed story. The past two or three days, I have been studying for a math test today (Friday 4/80). I think I’ll do okay, but wish me luck anyway please!

But what you really want to know is…

*drum roll*


58971 / 60000 words. 98% done!


I got my poor lonely protag back to Yellow Valley. He sits at the Bowling Alley/Greyhound Bus stop right before they open at seven a.m. I have it in the weekend schedule to write this weekend. (crossed-fingers) The only part left of the storyline is meeting his Grandma, and then the scene where his dad confronts his mother, aka-Grandma, and my protag in Grandma’s living room. This is where my protag gets to live with Grandma from now on and the last scene of the book. See, not much left at all.

I just may get this puppy finished this Sunday! *happy dance*


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